How much do you know about venison? Do you have any idea how it tastes? Well, you’re in for a treat…

ban_home2Robert Hawker brings you the best-quality wild venison from the West Country that’s as good as it could possibly be.

Venison’s rich, dark taste makes it ideal for stews and marinades, classic roasts or just a steak with a twist. It’s also good for you, high in protein and iron but low in saturated fat, and it’s a highly sustainable resource and an important part of our natural biodiversity.

Its taste is richer than beef and has a fuller flavour, and it’s so soft it won’t need tenderising. Coming from estates and private farms across the region, the deer are managed in an ethical way and only the best meat is provided.

Our Products:

venisonVenison Steaks

Venison Roasting Joints

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