Taunton Farmers Market Online Application Pack

Within the pack you will find;

  1. Application Form
  2. Criteria and Rules for Taunton Farmers’ Market
  3. Risk Assessment Form

Please read the criteria and rules before completing the Application and Risk Assessment form. Once you are happy you meet our criteria and understand the rules of the market, please fill in the forms and click ‘Submit’. We will need to see your Public/Employers Liability Insurance and EHO rating before you begin trading on the market.

Once we have received your application it will be discussed at our next board meeting, which takes place once a month, after which we will notify you of our decision.  We may restrict what you are entitled to sell due to products sold by current stallholders.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or pop along to the market on a Thursday in person.

*Please list all the produce/products you would like to sell. All items must comply with the Market’s Regulations
(appendix 1) You will only be permitted to sell the items you list and may be asked to remove any
undeclared or unauthorised items (use separate sheet if required)
If you change your trade or develop new lines, you are required to complete a new application form for board approval before adding them to your stall. The board will confirm the products you will be entitled to sell.

**To qualify to sell at our certified market, produce can only be sold by the Producers, a Family Member, or an employee directly involved in the production of the goods on sale.

Please read the criteria and rules for the market (below), then complete the risk assessment form at the bottom of the page.



1 Members must come from the local area, being within 30 miles of the market, and attend the market on a regular schedule.

2 Members must themselves grow, rear or make what they sell, using local produce or ingredients in so far as they are available. Members must not sell any product not listed on their application form without Board approval.

3 The member, or someone directly involved in production, must attend each market.

4 Members must comply with all relevant regulations both at their place of business and at the market, and have public and product liability of £5 million or greater. Documentary evidence will be inspected annually and must be available at every market.

5 Membership can be suspended if the Board considers a member’s conduct is detrimental to the Market. This may lead to formal expulsion procedure set out in the registered Rules.

6 Members who fail to attend 6 or more planned markets without notice lose their membership.

7 The Board can accept any new member, whether or not they comply with these Criteria, if they consider it beneficial to the Market as a whole.


8 Pitch fees are due at the beginning of each month. There is no refund for non attendance.

9 Stands must be operated between the hours of 9am and 3pm. All vehicles must leave the area by 8.30am and not return until 3pm. Packing up is not allowed, even where goods have been sold out, until the market closes.

10 Vehicles must enter from the south end of the High Street (Vivary Park end) and leave from the North end (Parade end). Vehicles for stalls immediately outside Boots must both enter and leave by the North end.

11 Stalls must be clearly labelled with the business name and address, have front cloths to floor length, and be kept tidy at all times. Stallholders are responsible for clearing litter around their stand and must leave the area tidy and litter free. No smoking on or near any stall.

12 When stall holders are planning to miss a market they would normally attend, they must tell the market manager, and display a written note for customers on their stall.

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Risk Assessment    

Please complete the form below. If you have your own completed risk assessment form and would prefer to email this to us, please send it to tauntonfarmersmarket@hotmail.com, ensuring that your name and business are clearly stated on the email.