Meet The Producer- Ray’s Veg

Well here we are...Ray's Veg... Ray's stall is where I started this whole blogging journey, when I declared him as my Food Hero! Now I've had the pleasure of spending the morning down on the farm with Ray, Foxy and the rest of the team, digging a little deeper and finding out if Ray really … Continue reading Meet The Producer- Ray’s Veg

Meet the Producer-Linscombe Farm

It's been far too long since I last visited one of our Market producers in part of my 'Meet the Producers' journey, but I'm back after a short break and excited to share my most recent adventure with you. I spent a sunny morning down on Linscombe Farm with Helen, chatting about all things organic. … Continue reading Meet the Producer-Linscombe Farm

Eating with the Season

Christmas  is only just over and already the supermarket shelves have been stripped of tinsel and toys and refilled with chocolate eggs. No wonder our lives seem to speed by when we're always thinking three months ahead of ourselves and never living in the moment. It's difficult to avoid the panic generated by these multi-million dollar organisations. In a few … Continue reading Eating with the Season

Food Miles Vs Local Food – No Contest

The discussion about food miles has been going on for some time. A recent article by the Guardian claims that, in some cases, buying food brought in from overseas is more ecologically sound than buying locally. The argument is that the food-miles campaign is too simplistic, pointing out that produce from third world countries uses low-carbon methods, … Continue reading Food Miles Vs Local Food – No Contest