Last week Donna-The-Chorizo said to me: "When spring finally comes, it will come all in a sudden rush." And she was right! Today while I was at market the grass grew four inches. All our fruit trees came out in flower and when I got home, a swallow appeared! It wasn't one of mine, they … Continue reading Spring


The Pie Boat Song

I have noticed that people buy my pies and ready-meals more readily when they know that my own home-grown beef is in the dish. Sometimes people wonder how I can eat , or sell for food, Creatures I have known from birth. Sometimes I wonder this too, although I very much like a dish of … Continue reading The Pie Boat Song

Toby’s Red Sauce for Pan-Fried Duck Breast

So far, my articles have been short, pithy and brief. (I looked “pithy” up in the Oxford Dictionary. It means “Condensed, terse, or containing much pith”, which presumably means that I have been giving the pith rather than taking it, which is good, as I suspect nobody is actually reading these articles.) I am going … Continue reading Toby’s Red Sauce for Pan-Fried Duck Breast