Tales From Toby

This has been a brilliant growing year, and it's not over yet. There are heaps of silage bales everywhere and the lawnmower has barely had time to cool down. We have pumpkins the size of... well, pumpkins. But big ones. I feel very privileged to have been born in a part of the world where … Continue reading Tales From Toby


Toby’s Red Sauce for Pan-Fried Duck Breast

So far, my articles have been short, pithy and brief. (I looked “pithy” up in the Oxford Dictionary. It means “Condensed, terse, or containing much pith”, which presumably means that I have been giving the pith rather than taking it, which is good, as I suspect nobody is actually reading these articles.) I am going … Continue reading Toby’s Red Sauce for Pan-Fried Duck Breast