Meet the Producer: From Nature UK

As it's World Vegan Day on November 1st, it seemed only fitting that Novembers 'Meet the Producer' feature was on From Nature UK, aka Martine, maker and supplier of the best vegan pasties in Taunton (in my humble opinion).  Most of my previous producers have been holding stalls at Taunton Farmers Market for years, in … Continue reading Meet the Producer: From Nature UK


Not Just ‘Not Just Sushi’

If you've been to Taunton Farmers Market, you'll have come across, and might well have eaten at, our amazing  'Yatai Kitchen' - a Japanese mobile street food cart. We Brits tend to think Japanese food is either sushi, or sashimi - rice or raw fish - which is why the stall was originally called Not … Continue reading Not Just ‘Not Just Sushi’