Farmers Markets: The Dos and Don’ts

Shopping at a farmers market is an experience. For those who do it regularly, it's a weekly trip out and a chance to chat to friends they can buy food from. However, for those of us whose weekly shop resembles Formula 1 racing with a shopping trolley - grocery list for a map - it … Continue reading Farmers Markets: The Dos and Don’ts


Meet The Producer- Ray’s Veg

Well here we are...Ray's Veg... Ray's stall is where I started this whole blogging journey, when I declared him as my Food Hero! Now I've had the pleasure of spending the morning down on the farm with Ray, Foxy and the rest of the team, digging a little deeper and finding out if Ray really … Continue reading Meet The Producer- Ray’s Veg

Eating with the Season

Christmas  is only just over and already the supermarket shelves have been stripped of tinsel and toys and refilled with chocolate eggs. No wonder our lives seem to speed by when we're always thinking three months ahead of ourselves and never living in the moment. It's difficult to avoid the panic generated by these multi-million dollar organisations. In a few … Continue reading Eating with the Season