Artisanal Food – Local Style

People are fed up. Years of austerity have meant cutting back on the better things in life, such as holidays and eating out. A trip to the Seychelles may be just the ticket, but, much as we'd like to, I'm afraid we can't help with that one. What we can do, though, is give you a little … Continue reading Artisanal Food – Local Style


Not Just ‘Not Just Sushi’

If you've been to Taunton Farmers Market, you'll have come across, and might well have eaten at, our amazing  'Yatai Kitchen' - a Japanese mobile street food cart. We Brits tend to think Japanese food is either sushi, or sashimi - rice or raw fish - which is why the stall was originally called Not … Continue reading Not Just ‘Not Just Sushi’

Meet the Producer -16 Years & Counting –Wallace’s Farm

So here's the thing; I’m on a new journey to meet the people behind Taunton Farmers’ Market Cooperative.  Each month I will meet a different producer. This is my first of many & what a great place to start; I got to meet a Founding Father! A key figure within the revolution: Not the political … Continue reading Meet the Producer -16 Years & Counting –Wallace’s Farm