New-Look Taunton Farmers’ Market

If you go down to the High Street this Thursday, you're in for a surprise. Taunton Farmers' Market is re-vamping its look. Instead of the stripey green-and-white umbrellas we've been using for the last 20 years, we'll be using gazebos. Stallholders will be bringing their own gazebos, which will stand alongside the market's own, providing … Continue reading New-Look Taunton Farmers’ Market

All You Want for Christmas… Taunton Farmers' Market. Most people want to make each Christmas a memorable one. While a farmers' market can only go so far to helping you sort out your Christmas stocking, you can usually find plenty there to create good memories for you and your family. For instance: Bumblees Preserves have a range of gift-packaged … Continue reading All You Want for Christmas…