Market News – Coronavirus

These are very strange times. With the threat of coronavirus and the disease it causes - Corvid-19 - people are understandably concerned. Where possible, people are staying away from social situations and avoiding unnecessary contact with people. Even shopping for essentials seems to carry a risk, but we still have to eat. In this respect, … Continue reading Market News – Coronavirus

New-Look Taunton Farmers’ Market

If you go down to the High Street this Thursday, you're in for a surprise. Taunton Farmers' Market is re-vamping its look. Instead of the stripey green-and-white umbrellas we've been using for the last 20 years, we'll be using gazebos. Stallholders will be bringing their own gazebos, which will stand alongside the market's own, providing … Continue reading New-Look Taunton Farmers’ Market