…is Taunton Farmers’ Market.

Most people want to make each Christmas a memorable one. While a farmers’ market can only go so far to helping you sort out your Christmas stocking, you can usually find plenty there to create good memories for you and your family.

For instance:

Bumblees Preserves have a range of gift-packaged jams, vinegars and chutneys that are delicious, different and easy to wrap. Perfect for making that special someone feel like someone special.

And what could be better than hot, buttered toast (bread from one of our bakeries and butter from Batch Farm Cheese) and some wonderful local marmalade or jam spread thickly over it? Perfect for a morning of opening presents.

If you have a vegan in the family, why not try something different as a gift? From Nature UK, our own vegan stall, have a Cultured Cashew Cheese Kit, designed to let your loved one try making their own cultured vegan cheese. All ingredients and instructions included.

They also have a vegan cheeseboard, along with a range of delicious vegan cheeses, as well as sweets and Christmas puddings, all animal free. They also have nut roasts so your guest or loved one don’t have to miss out on something special for the main course.


What’s more, there’s an amazing range of products on our stalls to turn your Christmas lunch into a Christmas feast.

Turkeys and ducks, all free range, from Beech Ridge  Farm, pork (along with sausages and bacon for those all-important pigs-in-blankets) from both Wallace’s Farm (you should try their scotch eggs and amazing Giant Pork Pie) and Ellises’ Farm (Gloucester Old Spot pork – fantastic!). We even have venison and game from Robert Hawker Venison. All locally produced and ethically reared.

Ray’s Veg has the ideal accompaniment to your festive roast with his pesticide-free vegetables, including locally-grown mushrooms, sprouts and tasty parsnips. You can get your Christmas wreaths, handmade and just beautiful, from  Islebeck Plants next door to Ray.


There are some beautiful cakes and baked goodies from all our bakers, but to top it off, there are Christmas cakes and special treats from the wonderful Cinnamon Sugar, and Homemade Cakes by Juliet (who specialises in gluten free).

We also have a wide range of smoked products from Robinson’s Smokehouse, or there are gourmet goodies such as smoked salmon and gravlax, or salmon pate, along with take-home meals from Conrad’s Kitchen.

If it’s cheese that makes you go ‘mmmm’, then don’t miss out on Batch Farm Cheese‘s selection of local cheddars, including a three-year old zinger called ‘Fiery Fred’, that’ll knock your socks off. A wide range of olives and charcuterie can be found at Stefanos Food, and there is fresh-baked bread, from Barley Sugar Bakehouse, The Common Loaf or Oxford’s Bakery. You can even get superb, unpasteurised milk from Simply Raw Milk.

Just look at this delicious range, all available on Thursday, at Taunton Farmers’ Market



Thursday 20th December is the last Taunton Farmers’ Market of 2018. It’s your last chance to get all or any of this amazing local produce before Christmas hits, so don’t miss out.


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