You may have read in the Somerset County Gazette on 8th November 2017 that the Panier Market in Taunton High Street is set to close at the end of the year. As it states in the article, this development affects only the general market, which takes place on the High Street on Fridays and Saturdays only. Many of our customers have expressed concern that the Farmers’ Market is also set to close, but we would assure them that Taunton Farmers’ Market is not affected by the Council’s decision.

Taunton Farmers’ Market will not be finishing at the end of this year.

The Farmers’ Market has always run on a Thursday, and since its inception in 1999, has never been associated with the markets which take place on Friday and Saturday. We are a co-operative of local producers who work together to deliver a wide range of excellent food grown, reared and made in Taunton and its environs. We operate our market under the 10 principals set down by FARMA, the national Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association. You can find those principals at the bottom of this page.

Taunton Farmers’ Market has won Gold in the Taste of the West (Best Farmers’ Market Award) for the last four years. This success is down not only to the excellent produce Taunton provides, but to the team work of all our stallholders, the range and quality of what we sell, and to the loyalty of our customers.

Not only this, we are a draw for tourism, bringing business into Taunton on a Thursday from all parts of the country. Even in November, we see people from places such as Wales, Gloucester and the West Midlands, as well as Germany, France and other countries, visiting our market as part of their coach trip. Anyone who thinks Taunton has nothing to offer the world would be heartened by how excited such visitors are to buy real local cheddar, Somerset pork and hand-made jams.

Taunton has always been a market town, and the reason for that is the land around it, and the farmers who farm it. We grow good stuff.

As a market, even in these difficult days of austerity, we are still here, and will continue as we always have, setting up our umbrellas on the High Street each Thursday, well into the future.

10 Principals of FARMA

The Farmers’ Market certification provides market organisers with the licence to state that the markets they operate in are “Real Farmers’ Markets”. To achieve this status, the market organiser or organisations must satisfy FARMA that they aim to fulfill the ten core principals of a Farmers’ Market. These principals are:

  • Audited:The markets are independently audited to provide customers with confidence that this is a “Real Farmers’ Market”.
  • Champion the farmers: Insures that customers get to buy directly from the farmers, growers and producers who grew and produced the products on sale.
  • Insured: All traders and markets must have suitable Public, Product, and Employment insurance in place to protect their customers.
  • Knowledgeable: The person selling at a “Real Farmers’ Market” understands how the product has been produced from seed to plate.
  • Legal: All traders and markets must follow all relevant EU, UK and local laws and bylaws.
  • Local businesses: Markets recruit stallholders from as close to the market as possible.
  • Locally sourced: Ingredients sourced by a producer in the production of their goods are found as locally as possible to the market and producer.
  • Produced by the seller: That consumers can only buy items produced by the business that is also selling it.
  • Promoted: The market clearly talks to its customers about the products and farms that make this a “Real Farmers’ Market”.
  • Well managed: The market organiser and/or organisation has sound systems and processes in place to ensure that the above principles are enforced at all times.



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