So far, my articles have been short, pithy and brief. (I looked “pithy” up in the Oxford Dictionary. It means “Condensed, terse, or containing much pith”, which presumably means that I have been giving the pith rather than taking it, which is good, as I suspect nobody is actually reading these articles.) I am going gradually and surreptitiously to increase their length until I can publish my Theory of the Nature of Infinity without anyone noticing, which may take several chapters and an appendix.

Anyway, here is a recipe inspired by things I bought at Taunton Farmers’ Market one Thursday.

Red Sauce for Pan-Fried Duck Breast

You will need:

Free Range Duck Breast from Beechridge Farm

Sweat chopped ginger, garlic and fennel feathers in butter. Dice a boiled beetroot, add to the mix and liquidise. Season with cumin and maybe add a bit of stock from the bulb of the fennel (which you are simultaneously cooking in another pan) to get the desired consistency.

Only you can decide what this is because you and I may desire different consistencies. Serve poured over pan-fried duck breasts (from Debbie-The-Duck) with roast potatoes and boiled fennel. (I would rather cook fennel by steaming it, but I know because I tried it that you will need a little bit of fennel stock to thin down the sauce.

All the ingredients except the cumin, which is optional, are available from the Farmers’ Market.

Be there,  High Street, Thursdays. And remember that Farmers’ Market Eggs have no nasty chemicals in them!

Toby the Plume

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