Today, Toby ruminates on the fleeting nature of present moments. And cakes. Two major sources of mindfulness in one helping.

I have been thinking a lot about the Present Moment lately. Of course, I am writing this in the present moment, but as fast as I write, the words overflow and run away into the past. What is the purpose of the Present Moment? I believe it was created for praying in, and I like it because it is a paradox: although infinitely tiny, it contains everything in the whole universe.

From this we may infer

  1. the whole universe is infinitely tiny, or
  2. time and space are an illusion, or indeed
  3. both these hypotheses

Anyway, the point I want to make is that Simply Cooking have been making Somerset Cider Cakes. Made with real Glastonbury Cider, these are deliciously moist yet crumbly (which is also a paradox). You know you want one!

See you on Thursday in Taunton High Street and we will try to catch a Present Moment!



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