This year we were delighted to make the Christmas and New Year festivities special for a Taunton Farmers Market customer.

christmas-hamperOur prize draw, open to all customers who subscribe to our monthly newsletter, was extra fantastic for Christmas. All our producers contributed something delicious to a huge hamper worth £250, with everything in it to make Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day something to remember.

What made it special for us was the prizewinner herself, who has been a regular customer at the market since we started back in 1999. The prize could have been won by anyone on the newsletter list, and that in itself is awesome, but when it goes to a face we all recognise, it’s like giving a present to ourselves.

The winner of the Christmas Hamper was Jane Bradford, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady. Like most customers, she has her favourite producers and usually stops at Conrad’s Kitchen and Homemade Cakes by Juliet, among others

‘I’ve never won anything,’ she told me when she collected the huge hamper. ‘It’s wonderful.’

She was clearly delighted to receive her prize, but said, ‘There’s so much of it! I don’t think I’ll be able to eat all of it myself.’

Not to worry though, she has friends and neighbours she wanted to share her luck with. ‘I’ll be spreading it around,’ she promised.

That’s wonderful, Jane, and shows true Christmas Spirit. We hope we helped make 2016 a Christmas you will remember.

To all our customers, we hope you had a very merry Christmas. May you enjoy your New Year Celebrations, and we wish you a  prosperous, healthy and happy 2017.



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