We are sponsoring the 2016 Christmas tree, this is our way of saying we are proud to be part of this town and to thank all who support us each and every Thursday throughout the year.


It was important to us that we worked with a local grower to supply the tree to Taunton’s town centre, so we were delighted when Langford Lakes were able to work with us to supply a majestic 29 foot Nordman Fir, planted in 1996.

Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm is a 40-acre farm that is located a mile outside of Langford Budville. The Hendy family has been growing and selling Christmas trees for more than 20 years. They offer a superb array of low needle drop trees from 3 to 30 feet in size.

As a special addition this year, the tree has been adorned with beautiful stars all handmade by GoCreate Taunton and local children during TauntonLive for local charity Stand Against Violence’s Constellation Project in 2015 to mark 10 years since the tragic death of Lloyd Fouracre.

We are very grateful to Andrew Hopkins and Craig Stone from TDBC’s More Taunton Taunton Visitor Centre, who have been instrumental in coordinating all three of our organisations to create this symbolic coming together of the community in one Christmas tree. Special thanks to Craig Stone Photography for the lovely photograph.

We hope all of Taunton enjoys a Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year.



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