taunton christmasWith December fast approaching, most people are now looking ahead to Christmas. Too often with it comes the stress, and sometimes dread, of not only having to go round the shops hunting for presents, but actually thinking what to get in the first place. There are usually people you know exactly what to buy for, but for most of us there’s the odd person or three you come up blank on.

You know, the ones who have everything. The ones you don’t know well enough to know what they’d go for, but you need to get them something. The ones you always buy perfume, or socks, or chocolates for because that’s what you get them every year.

Fear not. Taunton Farmers Market might be able to help you out. With our producers’ range of artisanal goodies, we have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts that even the most discerning recipient would love to get.

Bumblees Preserves


Bumblees Preserves have a range delicious pickles, chutneys, jams and marmalades on offer. Not only do any one of their amazing range make a great choice for your Christmas larder, these exclusive preserves are attractive and delicious. They taste amazing, and they make great presents for the hard-to-please.

The Chillees


They’re grown here in Somerset, and they go into sauces, chutneys and jams. They’re hot or mild, and they always taste delicious. The Chillees produce a range of chilli products made for taste, not just heat, but if it’s heat you want, they have it, too. Spice up someone’s life this year. Turn up the heat and keep someone warm at Christmas.


British Biltong

Is there a man in your life you can never find the perfect present for? Biltong is a South African cured meat, flavoured with wonderful spices. It goes down great with a beer, and is a perfect sit-in-front-of-the-telly snack. As well as sliced, you can buy large pieces for slicing up at home. Simon has some hampers available this Christmas, packs of flavoured biltong matched with his local Exmoor Beast beer. I challenge any picky fella to not enjoy this on Christmas Day.

Grown Up Marshmallows


There are lots of reasons to buy marshmallows. Toasted or as-they-come, Grown Up Marshmallows take this traditional treat to the next level. Hand-made and using fresh fruit and natural ingredients, these fat, egg, gluten and dairy-free goodies are made for a more discerning palate. Pina Colada, or Champagne anyone?  Or maybe a tee-total rippled raspberry or creamy caramel?

With a huge choice of flavours on offer and coming in either a pack or a sample box to tickle your tastebuds, these make a great addition to any Christmas stocking.


The great thing about cheese is, it’s cheese! This addictive food not only keeps well, it’s something few people turn their noses up at, even the stinky stuff. Taunton Farmers Market has a number of artisan cheesemakers among its producers. Not only will it please those who get it as a present, it will keep till Christmas, and beyond.

Gould’s Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar


Plain, or flavoured with garlic, chilli or spring onions, these cheeses please, in a big way. Whether you buy a wedge, half or whole cheese from the stall at Taunton Farmers Market, there will be someone in your life who will thank you for it. From mild to extra mature, there’s something for everyone. There’s also a hard goat’s cheese on offer, for those who struggle with cow’s milk.

Blackdown Hills Cheese

Buying nearer to Christmas? Blackdown Hills cheese is one for the gourmet palate. This locally-made Camembert-style cheese is only available until Christmas, so make the most of this window of opportunity. If your loved-one is partial to a little French get-away (if only via their taste-buds), be sure to buy in time. These cheeses develop quickly, so need refrigerating, but it’s worth the effort. Truly delicious!


All these things, and more, are available every Thursday at Taunton Farmer’s Market in the High Street. They all make unique and thoughtful presents. You can’t buy this stuff anywhere else in the world, so make the Farmers Market part of your Christmas Shopping expedition, and please your friends and family on Christmas Day.


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