I just thought I’d give you a little update on what we’ve been up to because blimey, what a bonkers few weeks for Taunton Farmers Market. You’ve already read about our adventures at the Somerset Life Food and Drink Awards here. Well guess what…


…For those of you who haven’t heard (I’ll be honest we’ve been doing ALOT of over excited and exuberant tweeting/Facebook’ing so you must have heard by now?)  we won a super duper shiny sparkly award at the Taste of the West Food and Drink Awards! Not only are we Gold Taste of the West award winners, (read about that here) but we are officially the ‘Best South West Farmers Market’, beating some serious competition mind with Sennen, Totnes and Crediton up against us.


Myself and Fran were privileged enough to attend the Awards ceremony, held in Exeter Cathedral, where we dined on the most incredible four course lunch menu featuring many of the award winning products. I need to apologise here for the lack of foodie pictures, I may have got too carried away stuffing my face with all the yummy food but the cheese was the final course and I had slowed down by then.


We really didn’t expect to hear our name being called, in fact the rest of the lovely people on our table found it rather amusing just how surprised our faces were…I can only imagine…anyway consequently we spent the next half an hour taking a variety of shockingly bad selfies and tweeting until our thumbs were sore in some kind of giddy state of shock. Such fun!


These guys were pretty cool, Rocktails…basically like slushies but for grown ups…yes, I know Fran is sipping one, we allow her to have grown up drinks now and again. I also sampled the sparkling wine, also the red wine… I’m not a big drinker but I feel it’s important to fully appreciate the goodies that are offered right? It’s rude not to.

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

All in all a grand day out, not least of all the awesome privilege of collecting the award for the market (I carried that thing back to the table like I was cradling a new born baby, terrified and convinced I was going to drop it!) but also fantastic local food, and of course, absolutely cracking company, thanks Fran.


K x



3 thoughts on “We Won!! Taste of the West

  1. Brilliant, you all deserve it! I’m afraid that there still quite a few of us who do not tweets or facebook, so this is new news and great news. Lovely photos of Fran too. Geraldine Field

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