Last night was another auspicious occasion for Taunton Farmers Market. Somerset Life hosted their award ceremony for the county’s 2016 Food and Drink Awards in the sublime setting of Brympton House, justifiably considered to be one of the most beautiful houses in the UK.


Among the awards were Best Chef , Best Local Producer and Best Drinks Producer of the year. The award we were most interested in, though, was the Best Food Event of the Year, for which Taunton Farmers Market had been nominated by Somerset Life Magazine’s readers.

menuWith all the amazing foodie events taking place in Somerset throughout the year, the idea that a humble Farmers Market should become finalists in this category shows just how hard all our members work to bring you the best produce and products the area has to offer. This is further evidenced by the fact that some of the other finalists were members of the Farmers Market, or have been in recent years. We choose superb producers for our market, and we’re proud of that.

Somerset has one of the best climates in the UK, and the quality of our produce reflects that. Along with a growing passion in the area for truly good food, Somerset is an ideal place to live if you like quality, local food.

The event itself was very well attended.  Somerset Wine Company‘s red, white and sparkling wine and Thatchers Cider flowed freely all night, along with Glastonbury Spring Water for those who had to drive. These amazing local beverages helped wash down a delicious, locally-sourced menu. Which, I have to admit, I ate more of than my waistline appreciates.


Homes Under the Hammer presenter, Martin Roberts, announced the winners. As the finalists came up to receive their award, it became clear that Somerset Life’s readers have a discerning palate. With winners such as Burns the Bread of Glastonbury winning Best Bakery, and Wookey Hub, Wookey, winning Best Newcomer, we knew the outcome for Best Food Event was going to be close.

The three finalists for our category were Burnham-on-Sea Food & Drink Festival, Exmoor Food Festand us, Taunton Farmers Market.

Sadly, we lost to Burnham-on-Sea Food & Drink Festival, but Bev and Sarah Milner-Simmons deserved their award. Organising and promoting a festival of that size, and running it twice-yearly smoothly and successfully can be no easy matter. Congratulations to them for winning.

Francine Lee with husband, Nick.

Our own Bumblees Preserves, who have been part of Taunton Farmers Market for several years, were also among the finalists in the category of Best Food Product of the Year. Francine Lee, the power behind Bumblees, was up against  Granny Gothards Ice Cream and Moonbeams Farm. The winner of that category was Granny Gothard’s Ice Cream. When you’re competing against ice cream, it’s not going to be easy, is it?

Even though we didn’t come away with an award, we won anyway. Becoming finalists against such outstanding competition is an award in itself. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and, who knows… 2017 isn’t so very far away.

An eclectic mix of footwear. Comfort counts.


Special thanks to Kirsty LeFuevre for awesome photographs.



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