taste of the westThe Taste of the West  is a food co-operative whose aim is to support local producers and promote the amazing  food we have, here in the South West.  It celebrates its 25th year this year, and its patron, HRH, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, helped them celebrate this achievement at their Food Fair on the Green in Exeter on 19th July.

The Taste of the West Awards programme has been promoting and supporting the South West food and drink industry for over two decades. Each year their judges visit local food producers and retailers throughout the region.  They award individual producers, businesses and co-operatives for their standard of excellence and innovation. This year, as well as last, we were awarded Gold in the category of Farmers Markets.

Our aim has always been to provide local consumers with high quality food produced by local businesses. We’re not in it for the awards, but receiving such esteemed recognition gives us an enormous boost. It’s vindication that what we’re doing is not just making good food, we’re making excellent food.

Linscombe Farm Organic Produce
Fruit and Vegetables from Charlton Orchards

Taunton Farmers Market host a wide selection of different food producers, which range from primary producers selling locally grown fruit, vegetables and meat, through intermediate producers who make butter, cheese and bread, to artisan producers who make quality take-away pastries, preserves and ready meals. With all this available on the High Street each Thursday, it’s a venue well worth visiting.

The food on our market is not only of the highest standard (and we can say that now – Gold!) but it’s unique. This is not off-the-shelf supermarket food, this is truly hand-picked, hand-made goodness, available practically on your doorstep.

But we’re only there once a week, and it’s first-come-first served, so to make sure you get the best of the best, get along early this Thursday and try some of our awesome produce.





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