We love our customers, so when we get the chance to say ‘thank you’, it gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling, especially when that customer is one of our regular visitors.

‘Smile Graham’. Patsy receiving her basket of Taunton-made goodies.
Juliet’s gluten-free cakes and pastries are a treat for the eyes as much as the tummy.

Although we know most of our regulars by sight, we don’t often know them by name. When our July winner’s name, Patsy Giblett, was drawn this month, we had no idea that she and her husband were going to be familiar faces, until she came along on Thursday to collect her hamper from our Chairman, Graham Wallace.

‘The market is great,’ she said, on receiving her prize. ‘We visit the market most weeks to get our bacon from Graham at Wallaces.’  Patsy also makes a bee-line for Juliet’s Ginger Bombs on the way to pick up some of Blackdown Hills Cheese Co’s Camembert from Fred.

‘I wish people appreciated the quality of the food here at the market,’ Patsy said. ‘What a lot of people don’t realise is that everything here is made by the people who sell it. As a keen baker, I know how long it takes to make things from scratch. We’re so lucky to have the market here.’

A cheesy grin to go with the delicious Camembert. You don’t often get to walk past Fred without being offered a taste.

‘Thank you all so much for the fabulous hamper of goodies,’ Patsy said later on Facebook. ‘Lots of favourite things (you know who you are!) and lots of new things that may well become new favourites. Now then… time to reorganise the fridge and cupboards.’

We’re glad you like it, Patsy. Enjoy!

If you’d like the chance to win one of our monthly hampers, be sure to sign up to our newsletter.


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