NSF-Awards-logoAs you know, we are incredibly proud of all our producers, and when they get recognised for their outstanding produce and farm management, (which is actually no surprise to us) we like to shout about it, just a little bit.

NSF is an internationally respected food assurance and certification service, who undertake rigorous tests and inspections to ensure the food they approve is of the highest standard.

Each year they give the opportunity to award those members who go above and beyond in the way they run their farming businesses. Particularly those who use quality assurance as a vital management tool and use it as a base to impose high standards.

longhorn beefSo, congratulations this week to Russ and Becky of Forest Beef, who have won NSF Agriculture Beef Farmer of the Year 2015.

This is an outstanding achievement, and testament to their hard work and high standards.

“Working with the forestry commission we have built up a herd of long horned cattle aimed at not only producing some of the Southwest’s most unique and great tasting beef, but also helping to restore deforested areas literally from the grass roots up. Long horns being more hardy stand up to forest conditions and are more resilient to disease.”

Forest Beef Longhorns are an old English pedigree breed, typified by long, curving horns which grow down and around the face. The breed were originally used as draught animals and this may explain the superior meat they provide.

Forest Beef’s steaks have also been awarded Britain’s Best Steak by Country Life and we have them right on our doorstep! Why not come along on Thursday to get a taste of what everyone’s talking about?


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