TFM Halloween
pumpkin_autumn_harvest_festivalThere’s nothing like a farmers market to remind you of the changing seasons. In October, the soft fruits of summer – strawberries and raspberries – become the hardy fruits of winter – apples and quinces. Venison and pheasant comes into season. Root vegetables and squashes replace salad and fresh herbs.

The lush bounty of summer has come and gone. The warm comfort of autumn food is here.

In Celtic tradition, the end of Harvest signifies the end of the year. Leaves are falling from brittle branches and verdant fields become bare. Life draws in its horns, and nature reposes in readiness for spring. At a time of mist and long nights, it’s little wonder the spooky and the scary walk abroad.

halloween_pumpkin_and_lights_199062No more so than at the end of October, when Halloween looms, and cobwebs and skeletons lurk in dim-lit corners.

Taunton Farmers Market celebrates both the changing season, and the spookiness of All Hallows Eve.

At our Foodie Thursday on 29th October, and coinciding with Autumn Half Term, there’s an opportunity to shop for the wonderful, organic autumn produce on our stalls. Meanwhile your little ones can hunt skeletons or create scary decorations to hang at home. Buy a pumpkin and take home a template so you can carve a scary face. We even have delicious recipes for the left-over pumpkin flesh – no waste. The winners of our skeleton hunt get an awesome, spooky prize as a reward.

You never know, there might even be a ghost or two floating about.


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